Give it up, I just want to be, just set me free

Like an angel with dirty fingernails, DownFromAbove are a tantalising contradiction, one that juxtaposes bittersweet melodies with menacing guitar riffs, instinctive pop sensibility against growling bass lines and twisted synths, ethereal calm in opposition to hard driving beats and rhythms.

Comprised of vocalist Anastasia Resurrection and guitarist Rob Ackerman, and inspired by acts ranging from Blondie to Nine Inch Nails, DownFromAbove have honed their electronica driven hard rock via the highs and lows of the London club scene, and are now looking to bring their distinctive blend of heavy soundscapes and trippy dark angelic vocals to a wider audience.

Aiming to help propel rock music into the future, DownFromAbove look to both enrapture the senses whilst still delivering an intensely visceral, emotional punch, all the while creating music that is simultaneously as familiar as it is unknown.


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Industrial Metal Madness Rock Rally FM

Love the sound, like a dirtier version of Queen Adreena – nice! Xsara Helmi, Shoreditch Unsigned Radio Stations