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Upcoming Gigs - 2020

13th March, Fiddler's Elbow, Camden

5th April, Stag's Head, Hoxton

17th April, Claredon Hotel, Wolverhampton

2nd May, Electrowerkz, Islington

9th May, Unicorn, Camden

3rd July, Dublin Castle, Camden

4th September, Nambucca, Archway

Please see Dates for more info -


12 November, 2018

WildSpiritz interview

Read our four page interview in issue 2 of WildSpiritz Rising (pages 72–75).

6 September, 2018


'Animal' our next single is unleashed tomorrow Friday 7th Sept on Syndicol Music Check it out and give us a share, shout or like if it bites you!

5 September, 2018

German review

Great review from the German Blog: Dark Life Experience. Here is a Google translation (a little odd!):

Bämm! The sound of Down From Above gives you a hot set of ears right at the beginning, because the Electro mixed Alternative Hard Rock has it all. Derbe's basslines, the ominously sensual vocals of frontwoman Anastasia Resurrection paired with Rob Ackerman's explosive guitar riff and matching synths make the featured song "Give It Up" a musical experience. The London duo throws you a dark robe of rock music that will simply engulf you with its unmistakable compilation. Especially the dark, angelic songs in the contrast of the hard music make "Give It Up" fast catchy, which will accompany you for a long time. Listen, go!

Well, our ears certainly feel hot! Who is Derbe?

5 September, 2018

Give It Up remix

Thanks to Dark Noise Radio for opening their show with Dicepeople ‘s sleazy remix of Give It Up and Der Prosector’s darkwave remix. You can hear them on MixCloud- they are pretty awesome and there are some great new bands to discover for us alternative folk!